Riverside Publishing Company is a family owned and operated music and rights management group, and serves as the overhead entity above both River Side Music (SESAC) and River Country Music (BMI). Our staff songwriters have the full dexterity to work within any existing PRO, to license tracks or lyrics separately or together to any synch organization, and to collaborate with other writers and producers anywhere in the world whether they are independent or signed to another publisher.

A few recent placements:

* Brian Collins has recorded and released “I Should Have Known” (Collins/Rivers).

* Eli Alger has recorded and released “Dog Tags & A Wedding Ring” (Rivers/Redding).

* Carson Station has recorded and released “Crave” (Carson/Rivers).

* Brandon Maddox has recorded and released “Dixie Chaser” (Maddox/Rivers), which earned him a Josie Award.

For information on chart ranking or licensing, e-mail
charlie (at) riversidepubco.com


1109 Woodland St. #68513
Nashville, TN 37206

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